Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby mobile

It's been a while since my last craft project though I had been making little amigurumi like the rabbit, the pig and the duck which had been sitting in my yarn basket for a few weeks, till an exciting event came up. A colleague of mine just had a baby girl! Her name is Eva, such a beautiful name!

I'd planned to crochet a present for the new born baby, but I didn't know what to make! A little soft rabbit so that the baby girl can hug while she sleeps? or a set of pink socks and gloves? I couldn't make up my mind which I would like to make for Eva. One month had gone by and I still hadn't come up with any present. Finally I thought a baby mobile would be nice for Eva, it would be nice over the baby cot. So I crocheted a few small balls that the colours are in rainbow order, a big pink heart which represents love and sweetness, then I arranged those little amigurumi together on a crocheted ring and voila! A cute baby mobile for a little princess!


DSCF4550 DSCF4555 DSCF4554



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