Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tools of the Trade

  • Crochet hooks. They come in different sizes for different types of yarns, but for amigurumi 3.5mm – 4.5mm hooks are often used.

  • Scissors, preferably pointy embroidery scissors for easy snips for small corners.

  • Tapestry needles as they have larger eyes then regular sewing ones to accommodate the yarn; preferably steel ones because the plastic ones tend to bend and break easily.

  • Measurement tape.

  • Yarns, preferably cotton yarns as they give a smooth and nice finish to your amigurumi.

  • Accessories such as safety eyes to bring life to your cute amigurumi.

  • Safety pin / stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round.

  • Row Counter to keep count of the number of crochet rows